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Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!

How To Donate To The Library

Book Donations

The Library accepts donations of books of any kind. We accept both childrens and adult titles, new books and old books, DVDs and videos, and books on tape. Books we cannot use in the Library's collection are offered on our book sale, where proceeds are used for to benefit the Library. We reserve the right to discard any books at our discretion.

Memorials or Monetary Donations

The Library accepts memorials for departed loved ones as well as monetary donations given in honor of others. All monetary donations are deposited into the Library's Memorial Fund and used for large scale purchases such as computers, shelving, and equipment. Memorials can also be used to purchase specific titles or genres of materials, as suggested by the donor. See the Library Director for more information on making memorials to the Library.

Computer Donations

The Library does not accept unsolicited donations of computers or computer equipment. This includes software, printers, scanners, monitors, and other computer equipment.


Volunteers are always welcome at the Library. Contact the Library Director for more information on how to volunteer.