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Directions for Using Kindle devices

Downloading and Transferring Library2Go eBooks to a Kindle Using a Computer


  • A computer running Windows or Mac OS X
  • An account
  • An activated Kindle with WiFi connection
  • A Litchfield Public Library card and PIN

A Note About Activation 

Step 1 - Downloading an eBook 
Visit the Digital Downloads site ->

Find an eBook you would like to check out. Select any titles marked as “Kindle Book.” Titles that are available for checkout will have an "Add to Cart" link.

Click "Add to Cart."

Click "Proceed to Checkout," enter your library barcode and PIN (if you aren't already logged in.

If you would like to change the lending period you can do so now (options are 14, or 7 days), then click "Confirm check out."

Click the "Get For Kindle" button for the title you would like to check out.

This will send you to If not already logged into with your account, you will be prompted to log in.

Click the “Get Library Book” icon (shown above). This will send the library book to your Kindle.

Step 2 – Syncing your Kindle to download library eBooks 
Once the book is checked out following the above steps, it is available on your Kindle device. With WiFi turned on, your Kindle should sync with your account. You will see your public library eBook on your home screen. 

Download eBooks without WiFi connection

If you do not have WiFi access available on your Kindle, public library books are still available for download using your computer. To do this, you will need to connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that comes with your Kindle.

After connecting, follow the same steps to check out your book. Selecting “Get Library Book” from

Select “Download Now,” and follow the prompts to download and save the eBook to your computer.

To begin reading the eBook, make sure your Kindle is still plugged into your computer via the USB cable. Copy the eBook file from your downloads folder to your Kindle’s “Documents” folder. Once you have safely ejected your Kindle from your computer, the eBook will appear on your home sceen.