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Stacks the Library Cat

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As you can see here, she takes her job seriously!

Meet Stacks...

As you enter the Library, don't be surprised to find a furry friend waiting for you!

Stacks is a domestic long haired cat, rescued from Benld's Adopt-a-Pet shelter. She arrived at the Library in early February, 2009, and has since become the "queen" of the Library.
She loves to be petted, and if you are sitting at "her" computer, don't be surprised to have her curl up on your lap.

Stacks has her own donation jar -- for those queenly needs of treats, toys, and that pesky cat litter -- on the front desk. She also has her own scrapbook, to tell the story of her library days.

Stacks the Library Cat is FAMOUS!

May contain: computer, computer hardware, computer keyboard, electronics, and hardware

Our own Stacks the library cat was featured in the February 2010 issue of Cat Fancy magazine.

The article, written by Erica Sorocco, features 45 library cats. Stacks is lucky Number 13!!!
Stacks was front-page news of the January 8 edition of the State Journal-Register and was featured in the January 11 edition of the Journal News.

Come in today and see the one, the only Stacks the Library Cat!

Here are some more photos of the famous library cat!