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Directions for using B&N's nook or other non-kindle devices

These instructions will guide you through loading an OverDrive ebook onto your nook or other ereader. These directions are NOT for use with Kindle or with the Kindle app for iPad.

Downloading and Transferring Library2Go eBooks to an eReader Using a Computer


A Note About Activation 

  • You must activate Adobe Digital Editions if you want to transfer eBooks to an eReader. (Exception – Amazon Kindles)
  • Activation involves creating an Adobe Digital ID (basically a login using an email address and the password of your choice)
  • Once you have an Adobe Digital ID, you can use it to activate up to six computers and/or devices

Step 1 - Installing and Activating Adobe Digital Editions 
Visit the library's Digital Download site ->, and click the link for Adobe Digital Editions under Digital Software on the left.

Choose version and click the “Download Now" graphic.

Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. The first time you run Adobe Digital Editions it will ask you if you want to authorize your computer. If you have an existing Adobe ID, enter your username (email address) and password to authorize the computer. If you don't have an Adobe ID, click the link to set one up and activate the computer.
Close Adobe Digital Editions and connect your eReader (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, etc.).
Open Adobe Digital Editions. It should detect your eReader and ask if you want to authorize it. Authorize your eReader. You only have to activate your eReader the first time you use it with Adobe Digital Editions.
You're now ready to download and transfer eBooks.
Step 2 - Downloading an eBook 
Return to the Digital Downloads site ->

Find an eBook you would like to check out. Titles that are available for checkout will have an "Add to Cart" link.

Click "Add to Cart."

Click "Proceed to Checkout," enter your library barcode and PIN (if you aren't already logged in.

If you would like to change the lending period you can do so now (options are 14, or 7 days), then click "Confirm check out."

Click the "Download" button for the title you would like to check out.

Adobe Digital Editions, will open, download your eBook, and then display it in a shaded box.

Step 3 - Transferring Your eBook to your eReader 
If you didn't connect your eReader to your computer before opening Adobe Digital Editions, close Adobe Digital Editions, connect your eReader, and open Adobe Digital Editions.
Click the "Go to Library View" icon in the upper left corner of Adobe Digital Editions.

On the right, you will see book jackets for all of the items you've downloaded using Adobe Digital Editions. Note the banner over the upper right-hand corner of each book jacket that shows you how many days you have left in your loan period. On the left, you'll see your bookshelves, and at the bottom, you'll see your eReader (in this case a nook).

Click on the cover of the title you would like to transfer to your eReader, drag it to the icon for your eReader (in this case a nook), and let go of the mouse button. You will see a brief message that it is copying the file.
At this point you have transferred the eBook to your eReader and it is ready to read once you eject your eReader and disconnect it from your computer.