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Patron Service Policies of the Library

What we can do for patrons and how we do it.

Reference Services

Although the Library accepts reference questions over the telephone, these questions will be given second priority after the patrons who have come into the Library facility. The staff will take the information and request that the person call back after a specified amount of time, or the staff member may call the person back after the question has been answered.

Requests concerning telephone number and addresses may be answered using the public telephone directory for information. Criss-cross directory questions or other questions concerning the telephone numbers, addresses, and neighbors of Litchfield community residents, will not be answered over the telephone. This tactic, used by credit agencies and others, can be a nuisance to both library staff and to the people of the community.. Requests for this type of information may be sent in writing, along with a self addressed stamped envelope, and a twenty five cent ($ .25) copy fee per page requested.

The Library will not answer trivia and other types of questions when a contest is being held in the local, state, or national area. Such questions include fast food contests or radio contests.

FAX Machine

The Library maintains a FAX machine for both Library and public use. All patron requests will be given to a Library staff member to complete.

A FAX request from a patron will be given to a staff member, along with the person’s name and the phone number of the receiving party. The patron must fill out a FAX transmission cover sheet to accompany the transmission. The FAX will be sent as soon as possible after being given to the staff member, but patrons coming to the circulation desk and incoming telephone calls take precedence over FAX tansmissions.

Any incoming FAX transmission for a patron will be held for the patron for fourteen (14) days. Contact will attempt to be made, if a telephone number is on file for the patron. The Library assumes no responsibility for unclaimed FAX transmissions.

A fee of one dollar ($1.00) per page will be charged for any incoming or outgoing FAX.

Accu-Cut / Cricut / Ellison Machine

Several die cut machines are available for public use. Patrons must supply their own paper. Instructions will be given by a staff member prior to use. There is no charge for this service.


Laminating service is available at a charge of one dollar ($1.00) per foot, with a minimum charge of $1.00. Patrons may bring in and leave materials to be laminated, if they have a minimal amount, and their materials will be included in the next lamination. Patrons with an excessive amount of laminating may have the job done the same day. Any materials which are left for lamination and never picked up will be placed in the Library’s lost and found, and be subject to the rules of such. The Library assumes no responsibility in the lamination process. Patrons are advised that discoloration, bubbling, and such are a probability when laminating. We cannot laminate social security cards.

Copy Machine

A twenty five cent ($ .25) fee will be charged for each black and white letter or legal sized copy made on the Library copy machines. An ledger sized copies made will be charged fifty cents ($ .50). Copies are made by library staff only.

Public Posting Boards

The Library provides an area for the purpose of posting community flyers and information which promotes the educational, cultural, and civic interests of the community. Materials should be small enough to allow for other postings, and will be displayed until the event is over, or for two (2) weeks. The Library reserves the right to remove any outdated material, and will not be held responsible for misplaced or destroyed items.

The Library will not promote any political candidate of any party by posting any signs or brochures of a political nature, nor will the Library allow petitions of a political nature to be posted on the bulletin board.

The Library also provides space for advertisements of garage sales, rooms for rent, items for sale, and the like. This area is subject to the same rules as the community awareness board.