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Library Policies

Mission Statement and Long Range Plan of the Library

Mission Statement of the Library

The mission of the Litchfield Public Library District is to serve the informational, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of all area residents, regardless of age or educational background, by providing adequate materials in a pleasing and safe environment which is conducive to the learning experience.

Long Range Plan of the Library

Goal 1 - Current Titles and Topics

The Litchfield Public Library District pledges to provide a wide array of materials for all ages, of both recreational reading material and high interest nonfiction and current topics.

Goal 2 – Formal Learning Support

The Litchfield Public Library District pledges to assist students of all ages with their educational needs. This includes current students, and those who are in search of enrolling in a new educational program.

Goal 3 – General Information

A main role of any public library is to assist a patron in acquiring the information he or she has inquired about, be it a general reference question or in-depth study of a subject. While no library can provide all information on all subject matter, the Litchfield Public Library District has dedicated itself to providing assistance to its patrons in the acquisition of general information.

Goal 4 - Genealogy and Local History

The Litchfield Public Library District has long been a popular place for local residents and visitors to research both family history and the history of the local areas. The Library will strive to provide well organized, easily accessible information to all who seek local history and family genealogy resources.

Goal 5 -Financial Health and Planning

As the economy in the nation changes, the Litchfield  Public Library District must begin to plan for its continued success. In order to fully function and prosper, financial needs must be met, and that funding must be stretched to its fullest capacity