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Computer & Internet Policy

The Library provides several public computers for patron use. No library card is required to use the computer stations. The Internet is equipped with content filters, which library staff cannot override.

Computer Use Policy

Any person may use Library computers, including the Internet, as long as they meet the criteria listed under Internet Usage Policy and are not in violation of the Overdue Materials Policy. One does not need a library card to use the computers.

Any pages printed from Library computers, whether color or black and white, are charged at twenty five cents ($ .25) each. All pages printed will be charged for, regardless of intentions of the patrons. Pages will be printed in the Library office, and must be obtained by a staff member.

Internet Usage Policy

Internet access is intended to be an educational and informational tool. 

The Library uses filtering software on all public access computer stations which may access the Internet. Filters are in place and will not be removed or overridden for any reason, for any library patron or staff member. The Library uses filtering software which adheres to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

The Library assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information obtained via the Internet. In addition, the Library is not responsible for damages, director or indirect, arising from a patron’s reliance, citation, or other utilization of Internet informational resources. The Library also cautions patrons against unauthorized disclosure of personal or identity information, especially by minors.

All state and federal laws regarding copyright must be adhered to by Internet users.

Patrons are prohibited from engaging in any activity that violates local, state, or federal laws

No one may install or download software, or insert floppy or zip disks, CD Roms, or DVDs into a Library computer.

All pages printed from Library computers are charged at $ .25 each. Patrons will be charged for all pages printed from the computers.

Patrons may be limited to 45 minute sessions on Internet workstations, and there will be a maximum of 2 sessions per day.

Email accounts on such sites as Hotmail or Yahoo mail are allowed, but no email accounts will be housed on Library servers via Outlook Express.

All patron usage of the Internet workstations must adhere to the Library’s established Patron Conduct Policy.

Misuse or abuse of the computer workstations, software, or the Internet may result in suspension or revocation of Internet privileges or the suspension or revocation of general Library use privileges.

A patron’s usage of the Internet and computer workstations within in Library is a privilege, not a right. Library staff has the authority to remove any patron who is acting irresponsibly, negligently, or without regard to other Library patrons. The Library is a place for all persons to feel secure and safe, and the usage of the Internet cannot compromise that right.

Wi - Fi

Free wi-fi access is available in the Library. Patrons using the Library's wi-fi access are subject to the same internet content filters as those patrons using Library computer. Any patron accessing material on a personal device, via the Library's wi-fi, that could not be accessed on a Library computer, will be asked to cease the activity.

The password to access the Library's wi-fi is available at the circulation desk and is changed on a regular basis.