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User-friendly roller die cut machine. You simply CANNOT make cutting paper easier!

Our Accu-Cut has a variety of both alphabets and shapes to help you make signs, scrapbook pages, and more.

Unlike the Cricut, the shapes and letters are only one size. We have over 500 dies for the Accu-Cut, including 3 sets of alphabets, and mini to super-jumbo sized shapes. Some of the dies are ClearCuts, which means the die is clear and can be used to cut a photo into the die shape.

Dies range from holiday themes( pumpkins, Christmas lights, hearts, and Abraham Lincoln) to themes (cowboys, safari, Hawaii) to everything in between! We have a panther pawprint, title, and head for Litchfield Panthers! Because you cut on the machine with the die on the top, paper on the bottom, you can squeeze many cuts onto one piece of paper.

The Library purchases about 10 - 15 new Accu-Cut dies a year, usually based around the summer reading program. If there is something you think we need, mention it to Sara and perhaps it will get ordered in the next batch of new dies!