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Library Annexes Litchfield School District, June 3, 2011

All residents of Litchfield CUSD are now eligible for a library card at the Litchfield Public Library!

Rural Litchfield resident Dennis Nail applies for the first card from the newly annexed Litchfield CUSD territory. Assistant Librarian Catherine Keith issued the card, which entitles him to all services of the Litchfield Library.

On June 3, 2011, the Library Board of Trustees passed an annexation ordinance which would encompass all territory within the Litchfield school district that was without library services. 

As of July 15, 2011, any resident of the Litchfield CUSD may apply for a Litchfield Public Library card, without paying the former "non-resident" fee of $55. Instead, the Library will appear on Montgomery and Macoupin County real estate tax bills for 2011 (payable in 2012).

Any former "non-resident" who has previously paid the $35 or $55 fee may receive a full refund (with proof of payment), a tax deduction letter, or a credit on their library card to pre-pay fines, fees, and other charges.
For more information on the newly annexed properties, please see library director Sara Zumwalt.